On television, on a well-known Italian and foreign art magazines, such as birth and who is this neorealist masterpiece?

Peke Sacchero was born in Milan June 2, 1946.
Life and is still on the shores of Lake Manzoni, in a small fraction of Como, painter and teacher, houses in his paintings in the studio in Via Masaccio, 1 painted in Como.

From his childhood, the artist recalls his first steps and in the opinion of his teachers and friends and on paper attempts have been made to translate what he saw around him.

It was, in these early works, which was of particular gifts he suspect you would be good on the display even then at 'academy "Al Castello" in Milan, where Peke continued his art studies under the direction of Maestro Eugenio Mantegani set.
In later years, his talent and artistic research led him to complete in graphic design at the Institute of Graphic Arts COVA.

He is currently a member of the National Artistic values ​​and is connected to Arteitali.

Have been attributed to several awards, are the most important:

Master of Art.
Knights of the artwork.

His paintings and mirror of his soul sincere, has great views, who want to embrace the world where it belongs, in his paintings a great sense of wonder suppressed for the natural phenomena seem
as the seasons and nature that repeated his canvases of the great play of light and shadows that seem to come from other dimensions of life.

His technique was stereotyped as an inherent sense of style Neo-Realism, with over the years
changed his technique and the criticism that the public now calls him "the painter of angels."

With a strong and spontaneous sensitivity, now he is in a state of trance, paints guided by a higher Amusa, this new inspiration helps in the creation of new works, so that the artists express a reality that seems to belong to another dimension.

Peke and a poet, like the various artistic elements that inhabit the same earthly nature white capture. so much so that the images take on different emotional states in the observer.

Between the play of light and shadows caused in its sunsets and the same vegetation, the painting comes to life by capturing the depth of the soul, they project into a new dimension that seems to accompany the viewer through time and space.

It generous artist, it really is usually in passing with both hands the beauty of nature, which always lived as a friend because it's part of the mystery of creation.

The poet of color makes Peke Sacchero a complete artist, because he always knows how to achieve sounds intense expressiveness.

Prof. Dr. Antonino De Bono

It is the basis for the study of visual Peter Sacchero a great knowledge of the contemporary world.

In addition to the academic figuration and seriousness mass produced art that the master Sacchero that the special task of communication has feelings all'astante true.

The colors of their presentations are based on the classic painting of the first 800 to solve based on the issues discussed.

The light is the central element of any representation.

Light as emblematic vision of a creative positivism.

Dr. Salvatore Russoe art critics have written the Master Peke Sacchero.


[...] The picture is the field of its activities and the privileged territory where things come back to make about the daily life, sense. "


Milan - New York

"[...] Water, air, sky, earth, are the four elements of painting Peke Sacchero as existential, profound, and are released in a technical expression, clever and charming [...]"


"[...] 'S creative act in life, the choice made by the' will and games software techniques to the game's intuition that can not reveal the" assigned expectation "observer, always waiting for events emotional [... ] "



, Painter of nature "is [...] Artistically Peke Sacchero recognized as" "easily looking at his pictures to understand a definition, is the artist" in fact, thanks to the skilful use of bright colors and intense: of all, the red and yellow, natural phenomena, the passing of the seasons and nature that changes around him. often recur in his work, sweeping views of natural landscapes almost always free, at first glance, to human subjects whose faces appear as if by magic and suddenly, integration of "the color of [...]"


Como (province)

"[...] Each artist carries with it the burden of 'being alone, feeling sometimes expensive because it allows a reconciliation dialogue with his own being with others and with the' not others. Peke Sacchero escape this law, and it is even predominantly in his works the positive feeling of loneliness that connects in harmony with a deep meditation. whose colors I draw on a purely introspective and spiritual, rather than the subject of his works. Also, the nature and the shores of the lake, the new ideas, they are just an excuse to open the channel, sometimes open to many, the dialogue with the divine. [...] "

Filippo Rossi

Florence (The Nat